How perceptive are you?

If u mad perceptive, then u can answer this question correctly - a riddle/game from the world of ecomomics:

  • Suppose you and everyone else in ITP is playing this game
  • The object of the game is to choose the right number, between 0 and 100
  • The right number is two thirds (2/3) of the average of everyone's guess (show an example)

In example A Esther, Marco, Coco, and James are playing this game.
In example B Tony, Fernando, Oscar, and Frankie do the same thing.

Example A

Participant Guess
Esther 68
Marco 35
Coco 28
James 79
Average 52.5
Correct Answer 35

In this example, Marco won - his guess (35) was exactly 2/3rds of the groups average

Example B

Participant Guess
Tony 44.4
Fernando 10.2
Oscar 17.5
Frankie 15.5
Average 21.9
Correct Answer 14.6

In this example, nobody won - 2/3rds of the groups average was 21.9. Frankie was closest with his guess of 15.5

What number would you guess?


Exactly what number can I put submit?

  • Any real number between 0 and 100
  • It can be an interger (1) or a float (10.5)
  • It is inclusive of 0 and 100 - both of those numbers are acceptable