Caleb's Top 100 songs of 2017

The waveforms of 100 songs vertically layered on top of each other

What Is This?

This visualization based on my "Your Top 2017" playlist, automatically generated by spotify based on my listening history. Each waveform of the 100 songs is layered vertically onto of the canvas above.

This self-portrait is an abstraction of my audio data, designed to create a single, unique representation of "my" music. Displayed in agregate, the waveform layers combine to create a digestible profile of my songs "mashed up".

A spotify player is also provided so you can also actually listen to the 🔥 ABSOLUTE 🔥 BANGERS 🔥 that comprise the portrait.

Further Considerations

Creating this portrait introduced interesting challenges and questions relating to data ownership, availability, and use. Are these really 'my' songs? Are Spotify's data use practices ethical? What does Spotify give us in return for all of this information?

I wrote about these considerations in a blog post here.

Sources & Attribution

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